23 - 25 June 2021
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The  Australian and New Zealand Children’s Haematology/Oncology Group (ANZCHOG) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) 2021 will now be held in a fully virtual format.

Therefore the meeting program format has been amended as per below. The program will include plenary sessions, invited speaker sessions, industry involvement and concurrent paper sessions.

As more details of the program and speakers are confirmed, this page will be updated. Refer back to this page regularly for updates. Please note that the program is subject to change.

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Day 0 - 22 June
Parents Information Day
0900 - 1400

Aim: An opportunity for parents from different areas of both Australia and New Zealand to be informed, network and collaborate, share ideas, tips and support each other.

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Advancing Nursing Practice in Paediatric Oncology Nursing Symposium
1000 - 1630

Guest Speakers

Professor Mei Krishnasamy - Professor-Director, Academic Nursing Unit, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Associate Clinical Professor Linda Abramovitz - University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Nursing

Topics will include:

- Career Planning for the Paediatric Oncology Nurse
- Clinical Leadership & Decision Making
- Sexual Health & Fertility in the AYA Group
- Monoclonal Antibodies & Targeted Therapies
- CAR T Cell Therapy in Paediatric Oncology
- Insights into the management of PEG- Asparaginase

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1300 - 1500
Practical Genomics Paediatric Oncology pre-conference workshop

Guest Speakers

Dr Kanika Bhatia - Medical Oncologist - The Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Victoria

Dr Dong Anh Khuong Quang - Medical Oncologist, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Victoria

Workshop features:

- Background reading on genomic testing in oncology
- Online workshop focusing on clinical case studies
- Interactive small groups discussion
- Expert presenters and facilitators with clinical genomics expertise

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Day 1 - 23 June
1245 - 1415
Welcome Ceremony, Plenary 1 and 2
Chairperson: A/Prof Jordan Hansford
Theme: Neuro-oncology

What is ependymoma in 2021?


Dr Vijay Ramaswamy
The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
Toronto, Canada

Novel approaches for cognitive recovery and brain repair in survivors of paediatric brain tumours


Prof Don Mabbott
The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
Toronto, Canada

Live Question and Answer discussion
1415 - 1420
1420- 1550
Concurrent Session 1
Concurrent Session 2
Concurrent Session 3
Chairperson: A/ Prof Maria McCarthy
Chairperson: Dr Santosh Valvi
Chairperson: Dr Richard Mitchell
Theme: AYA/Psychosocial
Theme: Brain tumours
Theme: Leukaemia/Cell Therapies
1420 - 1435

Shared decision-making in adolescent and young adult oncology service delivery

Hien Nguyen, Swinburne University of Technology

Metabolic and transcriptional reprogramming drives resistance to ONC201 in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG)

A/ Prof Matthew D. Dun, Hunter Medical Research Institute/University of Newcastle

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy: Initial Experiences and Outcomes

Maddie Gilsenan, The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

1435 - 1450

Wellbeing Check-In: a holistic, strengths-based community approach to distress screening

Dr Kirsty Ross, Massey University, Palmerston North

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells for the treatment of Diffused Midline Glioma

Dr Stacie Wang, Royal Children's Hospital

To mix or not to mix – development of a Y-site compatibility chart to aid administration of commonly used intravenous medicines in paediatric haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients

Alexandria McGrath, Queensland Children's Hospital

1450 - 1505

What cognitive, behavioural and psychological challenges do patients and parents face at the end of chemotherapy-only treatment for ALL?

Dr Cinzia De Luca, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Pineoblastoma: A pooled outcome study of North American and Australian therapeutic data

A/Prof Jordan Hansford, RCH - Royal Children's Hospital

EviQ: An update on Australian evidence-based guidelines in paediatric cancer genetics

Dr Kanika Bhatia, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

1505 - 1520

Navigating hope and uncertainty: What training do health-professionals need to facilitate best-practice end-of-life communication with adolescents and young adults with cancer?

Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly, University Of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney

Emerging Results from Australasian Diagnostic Molecular Profiling – an Update on the AIM BRAIN PROject and MNP2.0

Dr Christine White, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Bacterial Infections and Antibiotic Use in Paediatric Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Dr Eden Andrew, Royal Children's Hospital

1520 - 1535

Developing the Care Plan for the Dying Child (CPDC)

Claire Radford, Oncology Services Group, Queensland Children's Hospital

Extracorporeal photopheresis for paediatric patients with graft-vs-host disease after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: An Australian Experience

Dr Vajiranee Malalasekera, The Royal Children's Hospital, Victoria

1535 - 1550
Live Question and Answer discussion
Live Question and Answer discussion
Live Question and Answer discussion
1550 - 1630
1630 - 1800
Concurrent Session 4
Concurrent Session 5
Concurrent Session 6
Chairperson: Dr Thomas Walwyn
Chairperson: Rachel Edwards
Chairperson: Dr Andrew Dodgshun
Theme: Late Effects
Theme: Rapid Fire
1630 - 1645

Australian Cardio-Oncology Registry and Biobanking Study – hurdles and progress

Rachel Conyers, Children's Cancer Centre, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Sponsored by

Parent perceptions of paediatric oncology care during the COVID-19 pandemic

A/ Prof Maria McCarthy, Royal Children's Hospital

The treatment outcome of paediatric supratentorial C11orf95-RELA fused ependymoma: A combined report from E-HIT and Australian New Zealand Children’s Oncology Group

A/Prof Jordan Hansford, Royal Children's Hospital

1630 - 1638

Therapeutic Potential of Targeting Reactive Oxygen Species Production to Increase Response to Clinically Relevant Inhibitors for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Zac Germon, University Of Newcastle

1638 - 1646

1645 - 1700

Defining the Future of Paediatric Fertility Care – The Establishment of The Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Oncofertility Coalition

Dr Lei Shong Lau, The University Of Melbourne/ The Royal Children's Hospital

Psychosocial impact of COVID-19 on patients and families undergoing active paediatric oncology care.

A/ Prof Maria McCarthy, Royal Children's Hospital

PI3K inhibition drives PKC activation in DIPG

Dr Ryan Duchatel, University Of Newcastle

1646 - 1654

PI3K/Akt Drives Resistance to ONC201 in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma

Evangeline Jackson, University Of Newcastle

1654 - 1702

1700 - 1715

Fertility preservation and implementation of a fertility preservation service and a protocol for contacting families of deceased patients.

Dr Lisa Orme, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Parents’ Experiences of Childhood Cancer in a Pandemic: An Australian Perspective

Jenny Davies, Curtin University

Curie Score (CS) in high risk neuroblastoma in the immunotherapy era: Australian and New Zealand experience

A/Prof Geoffrey McCowage, Children's Hospital at Westmead and ACCT

1702 - 1710

Application of km for rapid reporting of clinically relevant genomic alterations in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Jacqueline Rehn, South Australian Health and Medical Institute

1710 - 1718

1715 - 1730

Deciding best practice approach for fertility preservation in young boys: electroejaculation or testicular tissue biopsy?

Dr Daniel Lantsberg, The Royal Women's Hospital

Understanding Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes in Children and Parents following a Febrile Neutropenia Episode

A/ Prof Gabrielle Haeusler, Royal Children's Hospital

Pharmacokinetics of intravenous busulfan in children undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplant and evidence for non-linear pharmacokinetic behavior

Rachael Lawson, Queensland Children's Hospital

1718 - 1726

Causes and Outcomes of Non-neutropenic Fever in Children with Cancer

Dr Hannah Walker, Royal Children's Hospital

1726 - 1734

1730 - 1745

Identifying molecules that protect the heart from anthracycline induced damage

A/Prof David Elliot, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Collecting PROMs during a precision medicine trial for high-risk childhood cancer: Is it acceptable and/or feasible?

Rebecca Daly, UNSW

Post-operative Paediatric Cerebellar Mutism Syndrome (POP-CMS): Improving patient and family access to diagnostic education, counselling and coordinated interprofessional acute rehabilitation

Claire Radford, Oncology Services Group, Queensland Children's Hospital

1734 - 1742

1745 - 1800
Live Question and Answer discussion
Live Question and Answer discussion
Live Question and Answer discussion
Day 2 - 24 June
1300 - 1340
Plenary 3
Chairperson: Prof David Ashley
Theme: Ethics and Personalised Medicine

Ethics and decision-making in personalised medicine


Prof Lynn Gillam
Royal Children's Hospital
Melbourne, Australia &

A/Prof Maria McCarthy
Royal Children's Hospital
Melbourne, Australia

Live Question and Answer discussion
1340 - 1345
1345 - 1515
Concurrent Session 7
Concurrent Session 8
Concurrent Session 9
Chairperson: Katy Walshe
Chairperson: Dr Neevika Manoharan
Chairperson: Dr Marty Campbell
Theme: Improving Clinical Care
Theme: Precision medicine
Theme: Solid Tumours
1345 - 1400

Routine catheter lock solutions in paediatric cancer care: A pilot randomised controlled trial of heparin vs saline

Rachel Edwards, Queensland Children's Hospital

Zero Childhood Cancer (ZERO): A comprehensive genomic, high-throughput drug screening and personalised xenograft modelling platform for high-risk cancer

Dr Toby Trahair, Sydney Children's Hospital

Sponsored by

Enhancing best practice approaches for ovarian malignancy in children and adolescents

A/Prof Yasmin Jayasinghe, The Royal Children's Hospital

1400 - 1415

Cost-effectiveness Analysis of a Home-based Febrile Neutropenia Program for Children with Cancer

A/ Prof Gabrielle Haeusler, Royal Children's Hospital

Intra-ophthalmic Artery Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma in Australia: 11-year experience

Dr Sandra Staffieri, Royal Children's Hospital

1415 - 1430

Early Versus Late Stopping of Antibiotics in Febrile Neutropenia (ELSA FN): An embedded randomised clinical trial

Dr Coen Butters, The University of Melbourne

Precision medicine for high-risk paediatric cancers – Molecular Tumour Board recommendations and treatment responses

Dr Loretta Lau, Sydney Children's Hospital

Image guided brachytherapy for paediatric pelvic tumours: optimising efficacy and minimising toxicity

Dr Jennifer Chard, Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead

1430 - 1445

Prevention of Occlusion of Central Lines for Children with Cancer, the POETIC project: an implementation study

Rachel Edwards, Queensland Children's Hospital

Precision medicine for paediatric high-grade diffuse midline gliomas - Results from the Zero Childhood Cancer comprehensive precision medicine program

Dr Dong-Anh Khuong-Quang, Children's Cancer Centre, Royal Children's Hospital

Neuroblastoma Molecular Risk-Stratification via Circulating-Free DNA Copy Number Profiling

Dr Smadar Kahana-Edwin, The Children's Hospital At Westmead

1445 - 1500

Larotrectinib demonstrates durable efficacy and safety in an expanded dataset of paediatric patients with TRK fusion cancer

A/ Prof David Ziegler, Sydney Children's Hospital

Supporting clinical decision-making for PI3K/AKT/mTOR inhibitors for high-risk paediatric and adolescent and young adult (AYA) sarcoma

Dr Emmy Fleuren, Children's Cancer Institute

1500 - 1515
Live Question and Answer discussion
Live Question and Answer discussion
Live Question and Answer discussion
1515 - 1555
1555 - 1625
Partner Meet the Experts
Partner Meet the Experts

QARZIBA (dinutuximab beta) in the treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma

Dr Giuseppe Barone, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, United Kingdom

Supported by

Big Data in the time of Personalised Medicine

Dr Adam Resnick, Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b), Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), USA

Supported by

1625 - 1630
1630 - 1710
CH1 Plenary 4
Chairperson: A/Prof Geoff McCowage
Theme: Clinical Trials in 2020s

How will we do clinical trials in the 2020s? A call for more global and multistakeholder collaboration 


Prof Gilles Vassal
University Paris-Sud & Gustave Roussy Cancer Centre

Live Question and Answer discussion
1800 – 2030

Nurses Town Hall Networking Function

For more information

Day 3 - 25 June
1300 - 1340
Plenary 5
Chairperson: Dr Chris Fraser
Theme: Immunotherapy and Leukaemia

The Old and The New: Asparaginase and CAR T-Cells in Treatment of Pediatric ALL

Prof Patrick Brown
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, USA

Proudly sponsored by Servier

Live Question and Answer discussion
1340 - 1415
1415 - 1500
Partner Symposium

Chair: Dr Siobhan Cross, Canterbury District Health Board | CDHB, Children's Haematology Oncology Centre, New Zealand

How low can we go? Hypersensitivity rates in paediatric ALL

Dr Chris Fraser, Queensland Children's Hospital, Australia
Dr Luciano Dalla-Pozza, The Children's  Hospital at Westmead, Country

Supported by

1500 - 1505
1505 - 1635
Concurrent Session 10
Concurrent Session 11
Concurrent Session 12
Chairperson: Dr Cinzia De Luca
Chairperson: Dr Michael Osborn
Chairperson: A/Prof Geoff McCowage and Dr Maria Kirby
Theme: Nursing/Allied Interventions
Theme: Leukaemia
Theme: ANZCHOG/ACCT Trials Update session
1505 - 1520

Feasibility of a Prospective Surveillance Model of Physiotherapy During Intense Treatment of Childhood Cancer (FITChild)

Fiona Barton, Monash Health

Invasive fungal disease in children with acute myeloid leukaemia: an Australian multi-centre 10-year review

Dr Daniel Yeoh, Perth Children's Hospital

Key updates for open trials and trials in development
1520 - 1535

Exploring the use of Immersive Virtual Reality to enhance Psychological Wellbeing in Paediatric Oncology

Michelle Tennant, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Activation of the immune cell repertoire in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Dr Barbara McClure, South Australian Heath and Medical Research Institute

1535 - 1550

Effects of Immersive Virtual Reality Exposure in Preparing Pediatric Oncology Patients for Radiation Therapy.

Dr Nigel Anderson, Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre

Whole genome sequencing facilitates patient-specific quantitative PCR-based minimal residual disease monitoring in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, neuroblastoma and Ewing sarcoma

Dr Vinod Vijay Subhash, Children's Cancer Institute

1550 - 1605

Promoting positive physical activity behaviours for children and adolescents undergoing acute cancer treatment: development of the CanMOVE intervention using the Behaviour Change Wheel

Sarah Grimshaw, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Next generation Genomic analysis inform druggable targets in T-ALL patients

Dr Laura Eadie, Sahmri

1605 - 1620

Paediatric oncology: lengthy treatment, multiple procedures, when do we sedate?

Emma Wardlaw, Royal Children's Hospital

Meeting the challenge of childhood cancer in Oceania: An update on SIOP Oceania, the WHO Global Initiative on Childhood Cancer and the St Jude-SIOP ARIA initiative

Prof Claire Wakefield, School of Women’s and Children’s Health at UNSW Sydney and Prof Michael Sullivan, Children’s Cancer Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital, And University Of Melbourne

1620 - 1635
Live Question and Answer discussion
Live Question and Answer discussion
1635 - 1640
1640 - 1730
Plenary 6 and Closing Ceremony
Chairperson: A/Prof Maria McCarthy
Theme: Psychosocial Interventions

Translating Psychosocial Research into Clinical Interventions


Prof Martha Grootenhuis
Princess Maxima Centre for Pediatric Oncology
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Live Question and Answer discussion
Closing ceremony

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ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Michael Sullivan

Paediatric Oncologist, Continental President SIOP Oceania and Co Chair SIOP Global Health - Children’s Cancer Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital, And University Of Melbourne

Professor Michael Sullivan is a Paediatric Oncologist/Neuro-Oncologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne. He is Continental President of SIOP Oceania and Co-Chair of SIOP Global Health (formerly PODC). He is the official SIOP liaison to the WHO for the Global initiative for Childhood Cancer and co-leader of the SIOP, IPSO, PROS and St Jude Global ARIA collaboration.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Lei Shong Lau

The University Of Melbourne/ The Royal Children's Hospital

Lei Shong Lau co-founded the newly established ANZ Consortium in Oncofertility (ANZCO) with ANZCHOG clinicians, ANZ Oncofertility experts and consumers. She is currently program manager for ANZCO. She is on The RCH Fertility Preservation (FP) Steering Committee which developed and implemented Australia’s first governed paediatric FP model of care. She undertook research training in immunology and cellular and molecular biology at The University of Melbourne, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and St Vincent’s Institute.

She has also previously held several professional roles in the areas of research ethics and governance, academic governance, project management, and policy development and implementation. Her current research interest is in reproductive health and oncofertility research.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Nick Gottardo

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Sarah Grimshaw

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Sarah Grimshaw is a physiotherapist currently undertaking her PhD through the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and La Trobe University. Her PhD is investigating novel ways to improve activity levels and reduce sedentary behaviours for children undergoing acute cancer treatment. 

Sarah worked for many years as the senior physiotherapist to oncology at the Royal Children’s Hospital, is chair of the research advisory council for the charity “Little Big Steps” and tutors for the Masters of Physiotherapy degree at La Trobe University.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Martha Grootenhuis

Princess Maxima Centre for Pediatric Oncology, Utrecht, The Netherlands
ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Gabrielle Haeusler

Royal Children's Hospital

Associate Professor Gabrielle Haeusler is a paediatrician and infectious diseases physician The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. She is also a post-doctoral researcher with the National Centre for Infections in Cancer (NCIC) and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI).

Gabrielle’s program of research focuses on optimising infection prevention and management in children with cancer and she is currently leading a national paediatric study to implement a low-risk febrile neutropenia program across eight tertiary paediatric cancer centres in Australia.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Walker Hannah

Royal Children's Hospital

Hannah Walker is in her second year of an oncology fellowship at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Hannah completed her medical degree at The University of Wollongong where she was awarded The University Medal. Hannah is interested in research that can be translated into clinical practice at a local level.

Hannah is currently undertaking a research project looking at the management of non-neutropenic fever in a large cohort of patients in Victoria with the aim of establishing a guideline for their management. Hannah is a committee member in the Young Investigator SIOP group.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Jordan Hansford


A/Prof Hansford is an oncologist, focusing his practice in neuro-oncology at RCH Melbourne. He has a keen interest in clinical trials, genomics/epigenomics and their integration into standard practice.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Evangeline Jackson

University Of Newcastle

Evangeline Jackson completed her degree in Biomedical Science in 2018 and is a currently a PhD candidate in the Cancer Signalling Research Group of Dr Matthew Dun.
Evangeline’s project investigates the novel therapeutic ONC201 for treatment of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) in particular, mechanistic studies to improve treatment response utilising combination treatment paradigms.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Yasmin Jayasinghe

Clinical Lead Oncofertility, Royal Children's Hospital

AProfessor Yasmin Jayasinghe (FRANZCOG, PhD) is a paediatric gynaecologist, past NHMRC translational fellow and Winter Glover Senior Research Fellow. Her research at the Mayo clinic contributed to guidance for breast masses for the AAP. She has examined virology and risk factors for cervical cancer in young women leading to HPV vaccination and screening guidelines. She Chairs the Fertility Preservation (FP) Service at The RCH, the FP Taskforce (Vic) and the ANZ Paediatric Oncofertility Consortium and is in the leadership of the Global Oncofertility Consortium. Recently she was awarded The University of Melbourne’s Strategic Grant for Outstanding Women (2019), was a finalist in the Telstra Womens Business Awards (2020), and VicHealth awards for Transforming Fertility care in children with cancer (2019).

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Smadar Kahana-Edwin

The Children's Hospital At Westmead

Dr Smadar Kahana-Edwin is a molecular biologist and a cancer researcher with specific training and expertise in translational cancer research. She is working at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead with A/Prof Karpelowsky since 2017 to develop blood tests for monitoring the presence of circulating tumour material in patients’ blood. She has special interest in developing improved minimally invasive approaches for cancer detection and diagnosis.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Daniel Lantsberg

Reproductive Endocrinology Fellow - The Royal Women's Hospital

Daniel Lantsberg, MD, MHA, is currently a Reproductive Endocrinology Fellow at the Royal Women’s Hospital and a member of the fertility preservation Task force at the Royal Children’s Hospital.
Completed his Medical Degree Cum Laude (2008) at Ben Gurion University of Beer Sheva, Israel and his Masters of Health Administration in the same university. He completed his Obstetrics & Gynaecology training at Sheba Medical centre and completed his certification with Honors.

In Israel served as the clinical Director of outpatient Obstetrics & Gynaecology Emergency Care centres at Maccabi Healthcare and a consultant in the infertility institute, Tel Aviv Medical centre.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Loretta Lau

Sydney Children's Hospital

Dr Loretta Lau is paediatric oncologist at Sydney Children’s Hospital and Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the School of Women’s and Children’s, UNSW. As a molecular oncologist in the ZERO program at Children’s Cancer Institute, she provides precision medicine expertise to ZERO and plays an instrumental role in Australia’s first national personalized medicine trial for high-risk childhood cancers (PRISM trial). She is passionate about education in molecular oncology and provides training to oncology fellows in paediatric precision oncology.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Lynn Gillam

Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Rachael Lawson

Queensland Children's Hospital

Rachael is an oncology pharmacist from the Queensland Children’s Hospital who has a special interest in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. She is currently in her final year of PhD studies investigating the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of intravenous once daily busulfan in children.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Don Mabbott

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Toronto, Canada
ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Vajiranee Malalasekera

The Royal Children's Hospital, Victoria

Dr Vajiranee (Rani) Malalasekera is a paediatric oncologist who is currently undertaking a translational PhD investigating novel targeted therapies for paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia with the Leukaemia Translational Research Group at the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases. Dr Malalasekera completed her medical degree at The University of Melbourne in 2010 and completed her Paediatric Oncology training at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. 

In 2020, she also worked at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as an Adolescent and Young Adult Medical Oncology Fellow. She has a specific interest in haematological malignancies and bone marrow transplantation.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Barbara McClure

South Australian Heath and Medical Research Institute

Dr Barbara McClure is an Early Career Researcher and her currently  appointment is Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Leukaemia Research Group in the Cancer program, Precision Medicine Theme at SAHMRI. She has significant research experience in the molecular and cellular  biology and the genomics of acute leukaemia which has led to 42 peer reviewed publications. 

In 2019 Dr McClure was named an AMP Tomorrow Maker. Barbara actively engages within the community as a CSIRO STEM Professional in Schools Volunteer.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Alexandria McGrath

Queensland Children's Hospital

Alexandria McGrath is a Senior Clinical Trials Pharmacist at Queensland Children’s Hospital. She completed her project while undertaking her Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia Residency Program project.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Hien Nguyen

Swinburne University of Technology

Hien Nguyen is a Master of Clinical Psychology student at the Swinburne University of Technology and a registered psychologist. She had a special interest in adolescent and young adult mental health, and has worked in various private and public services providing clinical services to this age group.

She is currently the Student Researcher and Investigator in a joint AYA oncology study between Swinburne University of Technology and Monash Health, and assisted with the overall planning and development of the project. She led the participant focus groups/interviews and contributed to the data analysis process.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Claire Radford

Oncology Services Group, Queensland Children's Hospital

Claire Radford works Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) across several roles – Senior Speech Pathologist, Allied Health Clinical Lead (oncology) and Allied Health Educator (palliative care). With 15 years’ experience in tertiary paediatric healthcare, Claire has specialised in paediatric oncology, palliative care and rehabilitation. Claire has also held a number of clinical leadership and project positions within the oncology and palliative care services at QCH, and is a regular guest-lecturer in palliative care for speech pathology courses at The University of Queensland and Southern Cross University.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Vijay Ramaswamy

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Toronto, Canada
ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Jacqueline Rehn

South Australian Health and Medical Institute

Jacqueline is a PhD candidate with the University of Adelaide specialising in clinical genomics and bioinformatics. Her research focuses on the development of bioinformatics tools for improved detection of genomic alterations from high-throughput sequencing data.

Jacqueline is also a member of the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia research group at SAHMRI, where she applies her bioinformatic skills to the analysis of RNA-seq data to detect disease-causing variants in patient samples. In these dual roles, she has published a review paper on DUX4-rearranged ALL and contributed to the publication of 2 research papers and 5 conference abstracts.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Kirsty Ross

Massey University, Palmerston North

Dr Kirsty Ross is a registered Senior Clinical Psychologist, and Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at Massey University Palmerston North, where she is also part of the leadership team for the Psychology Clinic. Dr Ross has worked with children for 20 years. For the past 15 years, she has practiced at the Psychology Clinic, specializing in working with youth and families/whānau managing long term/terminal health conditions, particularly cancer, as well as anxiety and trauma. Dr Ross also works in the community to enhance existing strengths, prevent serious forms of mental distress, and foster mental health and wellbeing. She is currently training therapists to establish a child cancer counseling network across NZ/Aotearoa for children with cancer, and their families.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Ursula Sansom-Daly

University Of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney

Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW Medicine, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia. Ursula is also the Clinical Psychologist for Sydney Youth Cancer Service, a leading team in the treatment and clinical care of adolescents and young adults aged 15-25 years with cancer in Sydney. Reflecting her dual clinical-research roles, Ursula focuses on applying evidence-based psychological models and methods to understand, and address, the mental health implications of cancer among adolescents and young adults with cancer. Her research spans the cancer trajectory, from diagnosis through to survivorship and end-of-life.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Maddie Gilsenan

The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Maddie Gilsenan is the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) & Cellular Therapies Nurse Practitioner at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne. She was previously involved in the ELIANA CAR T cell trial conducted at the RCH, in her role as BMT Research Nurse Coordinator from 2016-2019, and has been involved in the implementation of the first Australian paediatric Kymriah program, at RCH Melbourne.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Zac Germon

University Of Newcastle

Zac graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) in 2017 and is currently in the final year of his PhD at the University of Newcastle. Zac’s work is focused on using proteomics to understand cell signalling in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in order to identify novel drug targets. Currently, his work is revealing the clinical relevance of targeting reactive oxygen species production for the treatment of AML.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Jane Templeton

Children's Cancer Centre, Monash Children's Hospital
ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Fiona Barton

Monash Health

Fiona Barton is a paediatric physiotherapist at Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

She was an associative investigator for the FITChild study with the Children’s Cancer Center. She is passionate about maintaining and promoting physical activity for children undergoing treatment for cancer and thus the role physio plays in maintaining levels of independence and fun. She is currently responsible for the care of CNS tumour patients at Monash Children’s Hospital.

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Vijay Ramaswamy

Principal Investigator / Principal Investigator

Vijay is originally from Northern Alberta and completed his MD (2005) and Child Neurology Residency (2010) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.  He then completed a Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and proceeded to return to Canada where he completed his PhD in Cancer Genomics at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Michael Taylor.

He is currently a Staff Neuro-Oncologist at the Hospital for Sick Children,
 Principal Investigator in the Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre, and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto.  His research works have focused on the genomics of medulloblastoma and ependymoma, with a specific interest in recurrent disease.  His laboratory is focused on improving classification and identification of novel therapies for recurrent ependymoma and medulloblastoma.  

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Donald Mabbott

Senior Scientist / Professor

Dr. Mabbott received his PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Alberta in 1998 and then completed a post-doctoral fellowship in paediatric neuropsychology at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

Dr. Mabbott is Head of Neurosciences and Mental Health Program and Senior Scientist within the Research Institute at SickKids and a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Situated at the intersection between clinical neuroscience, developmental neuropsychology, and regenerative medicine, Dr. Mabbott’s research program seeks to: (a) understand how perturbed brain development manifests as cognitive impairment in children – particularly in survivors of paediatric brain tumours, and (b) discover how neuroplasticity in the developing brain can be harnessed for neural recovery and cognitive restoration in children with acquired brain injury.  His work has been instrumental in documenting the thinking and learning problems children and adolescents treated for brain tumours experience, and the underlying damage to brain structure and function that cause these problems.

He is now conducting exciting new work to find ways to foster brain repair and cognitive recovery following acquired brain injury in children, including harnessing neuroplasticity from physical exercise and employing drugs that stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

ANZCHOG Virtual21 logo

Martha Grootenhuis

Head of the Psycho-oncology team

Martha Grootenhuis is head of the Psycho-oncology team at the Princess Máxima Center in the Netherlands. As principal investigator she leads a research group focused on psychosocial aspects of cancer treatment of children, and family members. These include consequences such as medical traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, but also quality of life and sleep. Her group focuses on the early recognition and treatment of these problems, using innovatiove web-based applications for monitoring and screening, and for group interventions. Effectiveness research and implementation of interventions are part of the research program. She is professor of Pediatric Psycho-Oncology at Utrecht University. She is founder and chairperson of the Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Committee of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP).

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Prof Gilles Vassal

Professor of Oncology / Head of Clinical Research Division
Trained as a Paediatric Oncologist, he got his PhD in Pharmacology. He is Professor of Oncology in University Paris-Sud and Head of Clinical Research Division at Gustave Roussy, a large comprehensive Cancer Center in France. For the last 20 years, he has dedicated his research, clinical and training activities to the development of new drugs for children and adolescents with cancer. He is past President of SIOPE, the European Society of Paediatric Oncology and currently President of the EU academic Consortium for Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer. He is chairing the ACCELERATE international mutlistakeholder platform to speed up innovation in paediatric oncology. As a SIOPE representative, he is co-leading workpackage 4 of the IMI2 Conect4Children network and coordinates the development of Multistakehoder meetings to best address unmet pediatric needs. Author of more than 250 publications in peer-reviewed hournals, he is member of several Scientific Councils.
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Lynn Gillam

Academic Director of the Children’s Bioethics Centre / Professor in Health Ethics

Lynn Gillam is an experienced clinical ethicist, originally trained in philosophy (MA, Oxon, as a Rhodes Scholar) and bioethics (PhD).  Lynn is the Academic Director of the Children’s Bioethics Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. She is also Professor in Health Ethics at the University of Melbourne, in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health.

Lynn provides clinical ethics case consultation, policy advice and leads research in paediatric clinical ethics. In 2018, Lynn was awarded the RCH Chairman’s Medal, in recognition of this work.

She also teaches ethics in the MD course, and supervises research students.

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Maria McCarthy

Associate Professor / Senior Mental Health Clinician

A/Prof Maria McCarthy is a Senior Mental Health Clinician in the Children’s Cancer Centre (CCC) at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and leads a team of clinicians who provide psychosocial support to children who are being treated for cancer and other haematological conditions, and their families. 

As a clinician-scientist, Maria also holds positions as a Senior Research Fellow with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and an Honorary Principal Fellow with the University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics. In these roles Maria oversees clinical trials, and leads both quality of life and intervention research with a specific focus on translating findings into clinical initiatives. This has resulted in a comprehensive suite of clinical programs which aim to optimise psychological, educational and social outcomes for children and their families who are treated for serious illnesses through the CCC.  

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Patrick A. Brown

MD / Professor

Dr. Patrick Brown is Professor of Oncology and Pediatrics and Director of the Pediatric Leukemia Program at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. He is the Vice Chair for relapse and an executive steering committee member of the ALL Committee in the Children’s Oncology Group, and chairs the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s Clinical Guidelines Panels for adult and pediatric ALL. His research focuses on developing molecularly targeted therapies for high risk childhood leukemias.

The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

Support paediatric brain cancer – to beat the #1 disease killer of young people.

In memory of Robert Connor Dawes.

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Nigel Anderson

Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre

Nigel is currently employed as the Principal Research Radiation Therapist in Melbourne.

He completed his PhD at Monash University in 2019, and enjoys working to bring novel concepts into radiotherapy clinical practice.

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Eden Andrew

Royal Children's Hospital

Eden is a second-year advanced trainee in paediatric medical oncology at the Children’s Cancer Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne. She completed her MBBS at the University of Melbourne and is in the final stages of a Masters of Public Health through James Cook University. Working within the leukaemia and bone marrow transplant streams during 2020 inspired Eden to pursue various research opportunities, which complemented a longstanding clinical and research interest in infectious diseases affecting immunocompromised patients.

One of Eden’s current projects involves exploring patterns of infection and antibiotic use among HSCT patients to help inform clinical practice guidelines at RCH.

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Kanika Bhatia

Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Dr Kanika Bhatia is a paediatric oncologist at the Children’s Cancer Centre in the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne. Her major clinical and research interests are in solid and brain tumours, paediatric cancer genetics as well as palliative and supportive care. She is the clinical lead for a multi-disciplinary paediatric cancer genetics program in the RCH and is the co-chair for the EviQ paediatric cancer genetics committee.

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Emmy Fleuren

Children's Cancer Institute

Dr. Emmy Fleuren is a Senior Scientist with >10 years of internationally-recognised expertise and a solid track-record in translational sarcoma research. She was awarded her PhD cum laude at Radboud University, the Netherlands, and performed postdoctoral research at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, and Monash University, Melbourne. In 2019, she joined Children’s Cancer Institute and the ZERO Childhood Cancer Program to lead the Sarcoma Research.

Dr Fleuren further holds a Conjoint Senior Lecturer appointment at the University of New South Wales and received various prestigious awards throughout her career, including a Cancer Institute NSW Early Career Fellowship and a Rubicon Fellowship. Her work was selected or invited for oral presentations at several prestigious meetings throughout her career.

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Patrick Brown

Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Coen Butters

Mudoch Children's Research Institute

Coen is a General Paediatrician and Paediatric Infectious Diseases Physician. After completing a medical degree at the University of Newcastle in 2011, he undertook paediatric training in Melbourne at The Royal Children’s and Monash Children’s Hospitals.

He also spent time working and teaching in the Solomon Islands. Coen has a specific interest in improving supportive care for children with cancer and is completing a PhD examining the use of antibiotics in children with high-risk febrile neutropenia.

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Jennifer Chard

Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead

Dr Jennifer Chard is a Radiation Oncologist with expertise in the management of paediatric, AYA and gynaecological cancers. She leads the brachytherapy program at Westmead Hospital.

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Rachel Conyers

Children's Cancer Centre, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
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Rebecca Daly


Rebecca Daly is a research assistant at the Behavioural Sciences Unit, UNSW. She works on ethics and genetics projects primarily the psychosocial substudy that runs alongside the PRecISion Medicine for Children with Cancer (PRISM) trial, Australia’s first precision medicine trial for children with high-risk cancer. Before joining the BSU Rebecca worked in the disability sector supporting adults and children in the community and residential settings, as a case manager, and as a research assistant for The Successful Ageing in Intellectual Disability (SAge-ID) Study at UNSW.

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Ryan Duchatel

University Of Newcastle

Dr Ryan Duchatel is an early career researcher in the Cancer Signalling Research Group of Dr Matthew Dun.

Dr Duchatel’s current research project focuses on targeting the PI3K signalling axis for treatment of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, and how inhibition of this core signalling pathway can lead to strong combination therapies with other clinically relevant treatment strategies.

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Matt Dun

Hunter Medical Research Institute/University of Newcastle

A/Prof Matt Dun received his PhD from the University of Newcastle in 2012. He has been decorated by >25 national and international awards, including the 2019 NSW Premier’s Awards for Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow and a Young Tall Poppy Award in 2020. A/Prof Dun has secured successive Cancer Institute NSW Early Career Fellowships (2014-2016 and 2017-2019), an NHMRC Investigator Grant (2020-2025), a Defeat DIPG Chadtough New Investigator Grant (2020-2021) and successful Cancer Institute NSW and NHMRC Equipment Grants to establish a high-resolution mass spectrometry platform at the University of Newcastle.

A/Prof Dun guides the Cancer Signalling Research Group at the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Medical Research Institute, which focuses on paediatric leukaemia, and brain cancer research. His group employs sophisticated pharmaco-phospho-proteo-genomics techniques to characterise the cellular signalling pathways dysregulated by the genetic individualities of a patient’s cancer. This profiling strategy attempts to identify novel treatment targets and drug combinations to improve survival.

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Laura Eadie


Dr Laura Eadie is an award-winning biomedical researcher and the current Peter Nelson Leukaemia Research Fellow. She is a previous Fulbright scholar, a TEDx speaker and science communicator.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) is an extremely heterogeneous disease with subtypes of patients exhibiting a diverse range of genetic mutations. Dr Eadie leads in vivo mouse studies for high-risk ALL with a specific focus on T-cell ALL within the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute’s ALL Research Group. Laura’s research seeks to pave the way for alternative T-ALL therapies that are more effective and have fewer long-term side effects. She is using cutting edge laboratory models to evaluate precision medicine treatment strategies tailored to individual patients.

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Rachel Edwards

Mudoch Children's Research Institute

Rachel Edwards is a Paediatric Oncology Nurse Educator at Queensland Children’s Hospital with over 25 years’ experience caring for people with cancer. She joined the eviQ Education team as a subject matter expert in 2020 and is leading the content review of the national Paediatric Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course. In these roles, Rachel provides educational leadership, develops curriculum, and facilitates training programs.

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David Elliott

Team Leader, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Assoc. Prof. David Elliott completed his PhD on the genetics of heart development at The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and completed a post-doc at Cambridge University. In 2013 David started his laboratory at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. The focus of laboratory is to investigate the genetic control of early human heart development and develop pluripotent stem cell based models of heart disease. David’s laboratory has identified novel pathogenic variants that underlie cardiomyopathy and key transcriptional networks regulating heart development. David established and co-directs the Australian Cardio-Oncology Registry (ACOR), a national program targeted at improving long-term cardiac health outcomes for childhood cancer survivors. ACOR facilitates a functional pharmacogenomics stem cell-based studied aimed at understanding the genetic basis of chemotherapy induced heart disease.

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Izac Findlay

University of Newcastle

Izac Findlay graduated a Bachelor of Biotechnology with Distinction at the University of Newcastle in 2020. Following a summer scholarship, Izac is now completing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) under the supervision of Associate Professor Matt Dun. Utilising a bioinformatics approach, Izac’s current work seeks to characterise the functional genomics of diffuse midline glioma, in collaboration with A/Prof Mark Cowley, Dr Sebastian Waszak and A/Prof Michelle Monje.

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Sandra Staffieri

Royal Children's Hospital, Parkville VIC

Dr Sandra Staffieri is a Clinical and Research Orthoptist with over 35 years experience working at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Victoria. She developed the unique role of Retinoblastoma Care Co-ordinator for the Department of Ophthalmology and is affiliated with the Centre for Eye Research Australia, the MCRI, and the University of Melbourne. Sandra is active in retinoblastoma research with a focus on raising awareness of early signs of the disease, translation of genetic testing for familial or heritable retinoblastoma and long-term survivorship.

To improve timely diagnosis of retinoblastoma, supported by an NHMRC Post-graduate scholarship, her doctoral study developed and evaluated a sustainable education program for new parents to raise awareness of the early signs of paediatric eye disease.

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Michelle Tennant

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Ms Tennant is a current DPsych (Clinical) candidate at Deakin University. Ms Tennant’s research interest is focused on the application of VR-based interventions in acute hospital settings, particularly related to enhancing psychological wellbeing, adjustment to illness and treatment, supportive care and medical education, and aimed at rapidly translating evidence into clinical practice.

Her doctoral research involved a randomised controlled trial of a virtual reality (VR) therapeutic intervention with paediatric and adolescent patients undergoing cancer treatment conducted at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. Ms Tennant is an early career researcher who aims to continue research in this novel research field, concerning the design, implementation and research translation of VR interventions within the oncology setting to enhance patient care and outcomes.

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Mei Ling Yeh

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Mei Ling has been working as a paediatric oncology nurse for almost 20 years. Her focus has been on integrating the delivery of best evidenced based nursing practice and patient-family centred care as part of her nursing care duties. Mei Ling is passionate in working in paediatric oncology and palliative care; especially in the treatment and nursing management of haemopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT). She believes that patient-family centred care can be enhanced by giving due consideration to variation in cultural dynamics that differentiate in sensitivity and understanding. Sympathising with individuals to improve care should be made a vital part of our healthcare system. Mei Ling promotes awareness of cultural diversity given her experience in working with patients and families from diverse multicultural backgrounds from around the globe and her own background as a Taiwanese-Australian. Mei Ling is currently working at the Children Cancer Centre in Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision.

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Matthew O'Connor

Paediatric Oncologist - WCH

Matt is a paediatric oncologist at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. He completed his international fellowship at Birmingham Children’s Hospital UK.

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Lisa Orme

Paediatric Haematologist Oncologist, The Royal Children's Hospital

Dr Lisa Orme has been a consultant Paediatric Haematologist Oncologist in the Children’s Cancer Centre at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne since 2003. She has also held a position as an Adolescent and Young Adult Oncologist with The ONTrac at PeterMac Victorian Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Service and The VCCC Sarcoma Service since November 2007.

Dr Orme completed her medical degree at the University of Melbourne and paediatric training at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. She completed a Fellowship in Paediatric Haematology/Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.

Dr Orme’s interests and involvement include: sarcomas in young people, adolescent and young adult oncology, oncofertility and survivorship.

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Ryan Hehir

Royal Children's Hospital
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Luciano Dalla-Pozza

Paediatric oncologist - The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Dr Luciano Dalla-Pozza is Department Head, a Senior Staff Specialist and Director of the Cancer Centre for Children at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (SCHN). A practicing paediatric oncologist since 1985, he has extensive experience in child cancer clinical trials

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Chris Fraser

Paediatric oncologist - Queensland Children's Hospital

Dr Chris Fraser is a paediatric oncologist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. He has been a member of the ANZCHOG Executive Committee since 2010 and the Chair of the Committee since 2014.  Dr Fraser completed his paediatric oncology training at the Royal Children’s  Hospital (Melbourne) between 2001-2004 before travelling to the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, USA) to complete a fellowship in paediatric bone marrow transplantation, and then returned to Royal Children’s  Hospital (Melbourne) as a consultant oncologist in 2006. In 2008, he took up a role as the Director of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program at the Royal Children’s  Hospital in Brisbane and has continued that role since the move of Brisbane paediatric oncology services to the Lady Cilento Children’s  Hospital in November 2014. He has served as the Chair of the ANZCHOG BMT sub-group and on numerous other national and international committees in the fields of paediatric oncology and bone marrow transplantation.

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Siobhan Cross

Paediatric oncologist/haematologist - Canterbury District Health Board | CDHB, Children's Haematology Oncology Centre

Siobhan Cross is a paediatric haematologist who trained in New Zealand, England and Australia before taking up a position in Christchurch.  she has published in the use of PET scans in paediatric cancer, familial cancer syndromes, enrollment barriers in clinical trials and cancer registries.  She is a member of the Children’s  Oncology Group cancer control steering committee and current chair of the ANZCHOG leukaemia subgroup. Her current research interests are in post treatment immunisations and pharmacogenetic differences in drug metabolism in anti-leukaemic therapy.

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Grace Lau

Pharmacist - Monash Health

Grace is a Pharmacist at Monash Health and has worked in a variety of areas including compounding services for paediatric oncology patients.

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Andrea Martin

Fertility Preservation Coordinator - The Royal Women's Hospital

Andrea has been a registered nurse and midwife for over 35 yrs. She first specialised in IVF in 1999. She joined Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne in 2019 to establish the National Ovarian and Testicular Tissue Transport and Cryopreservation Service (NOTTCS)

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Geoffrey McCowage

Children's Hospital at Westmead and ACCT

Paediatric oncologist at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Westmead.

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Perla Moukhaiber

The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Perla has been based at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead since she began her paediatric training in 2013. She is currently a paediatric Advanced Trainee with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians dual training in Medical Oncology and Clinical Haematology.

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Jenna Nunn

Oncology and General Paediatric Advanced Trainee - Children's Health Queensland

Jenna is completing her advanced training in both Oncology and General Paediatrics. She is currently working at the Queensland Childrens Hospital in Brisbane.

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Natacha Omer

Paediatric Oncologist - Queensland Children's Hospital

Dr Natacha Omer is a paediatric oncologist at the Queensland Childrens Hospital with a special interest in sarcoma. She is also an active researcher in cancer immunotherapy at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute where she is developing a novel NK cell-based immunotherapy for paediatric sarcomas patients as her PhD project.

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Sara Hulbert

Clinical Nurse Educator - Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Sara Hulbert is an acting Clinical Nurse Educator in the Sydney Childrens’ Hospital Oncology, Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Inpatient Unit. Sara has worked in the oncology unit since 2013 and has a Graduate Certificate in Paediatric nursing studies as well as a Masters of Nursing.

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Noemi Fuentes-Bolanos

Postgraduate Fellow - Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

Noemi Fuentes, M.D., Ph.D., is a postdoctoral clinical research fellow originally from Spain. After receiving her medical degree, she completed a Masters of Sciences in Biomedicine before undertaking a PhD in Epidemiology in 2017. In addition, Noemi completed international fellowships in Paediatric Oncology in Spain, the United Kingdom (The Royal Marsden Hospital) and Australia (Sydney Children’s Hospital). She has further sub-specialised by undertaking two years of training in Hereditary Cancer Genetics. Noemi’s primary research interest is in cancer predisposition syndromes in children and the adolescent and young adult (AYA) population. She joined the national ZERO Childhood Cancer Program (Australia) in 2019 as a Cancer Predisposition Research Fellow. Noemi is involved in the development of a number of national clinical guidelines for the surveillance of children with cancer predisposition syndromes.

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Elyse Page

Post-graduate Researcher - SAHMRI

Elyse is a post-graduate researcher with the Leukaemia Research Group at SAHMRI. She graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and began her Master of Philosophy in 2017 which was upgraded to a PhD with a highly competitive Upgrade Scholarship. She recently submitted her thesis on Precision Medicine in Down Syndrome Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. During her PhD, Elyse published 2 papers and 2 conference abstracts and has recently submitted an additional 2 research articles for publication. She has presented her PhD research at over 15 conferences and received awards for oral presentations including winning the Adelaide University Biological Sciences 3MT Competition.

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Priscilla Pek

Registered Music Therapist - Monash Health

Priscilla Pek (MMthpy, B Arts Hons.) is a Melbourne-based Registered Music Therapist who has worked at Monash Children’s Hospital, Monash Health since 2012. She has extensive experience working within the acute medical model in public health, having started as a new graduate in General Paediatrics. Priscilla currently works full-time across Adolescent Medicine, Adolescent Mental Health (ELMHS) and Paediatric Oncology.
Priscilla is passionate about the use of music to improve the coping and health outcomes of adolescents experiencing medical or mental health challenges. In the context of our new COVID world where coping strategies are limited, this passion remains very much alive as she believes music can have an important role in maintaining connectedness, facilitate coping, and create opportunities for mindfulness.

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Madeleine Powys

BMT Fellow - Cancer Centre for Children, The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Dr Madeleine Powys is a paediatric oncologist who is currently completing a two-year, post-graduate, clinical BMT fellowship at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW). Madeleine is a dedicated clinician and early career researcher who is passionate about working collaboratively to provide best-practice care to patients and families. Her interests include high-risk leukaemia and lymphoma, transplant for malignant and non-malignant disease and emerging cellular therapies. Madeleine is the Chair of the CHW Complex Leukaemia Meeting and a member of the ANZCHOG TACTIC (BMT) Group and ASCIA TAPID (Transplantation and PID) Project. Madeleine is a strong advocate for improving quality and safety, an enthusiastic supervisor of RACP trainees and a regular contributor to nursing and medical education.

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Clarissa Schilstra

Research Assistant - UNSW Sydney

Clarissa Schilstra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Duke University, in the US, and is currently a PhD Candidate in the School of Womens and Childrens Health, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney. Clarissa works as a Research Assistant in the Behavioural Sciences Unit at the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Childrens Hospital, to coordinate the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Sub-Types and Side Effects from Treatment (ASSET) Health-Related Quality of Life Sub-Study. ASSET is a prospective, international registry study for children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia across Australia and New Zealand.

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Akanksha Senapati

Neuro-oncology/PRISM Fellow - Sydney Children's Hospital

Dr Senapati completed her medical training at the University of Sydney and completed her basic paediatric training at John Hunter Childrens Hospital. She specialised in paediatric haematology and oncology by undertaking a haematology/oncology fellowship at John Hunter Childrens Hospital. Dr Senapati has also completed a neuro-oncology and precision medicine (PRISM) fellowship at Sydney Children’s Hospital, a role in which she continues to be employed. Her areas of interest include neuro-oncology, the clinical application of precision medicine and palliative care and symptom management in the oncology setting

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Sara Toofanian

Fellow - Sydney Children's Hospital

Dr Toofanian completed her medical training at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry (MBBS) in the United Kingdom. After relocating to Australia, she undertook her paediatric training and Haematology Oncology fellowship at Sydney Children’s Hospital with an additional fellowship in Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy. Her interests include malignant haematology, inherited bone marrow failure syndromes and bone marrow transplantation.

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Kate Vandenberg

Nurse Practitioner at CCC - Monash Childrens Hospital

Kate Vandenberg RN, MN is currently working in the position of Paediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner at the Children’s Cancer Centre – Monash Children’s. 

The NP role provides care in the outpatient setting to children with cancer on maintenance chemotherapy, off treatment and on treatment surveillance pathways, managing emergency presentations, providing supportive care as well as lead proceduralist for the general anaesthetic list performing lumbar punctures, intrathecal chemotherapy, bone marrow aspirate and trephine biopsies.

Kate has a strong interest in supportive care, AYA care and leads the Paediatric Oncology Evidence Based Practice Working Group. She is a member of the Cancer Nurse Society of Australia, Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, Australia and New Zealand Children’s Haematology Oncology Group.

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Heather Weerdenburg

Senior Oncology Pharmacist - Royal Children's Hospital

Senior clinical oncology pharmacist at the Royal Childrens Hospital Previous experience working in paediatric oncology in the United Kingdom.

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Chris Williams

Registered Nurse - Royal Childrens Hospital

Chris Williams is a Nurse Consultant with the Victorian Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service (PICS). Supported by the Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation, Chris works with nine regional health services across Victoria to deliver a formalised outreach and shared care program for children with cancer, and their families. Chris also works wthin the PICS on statewide quality project development, whilst also maintaining a day per week in a clinical bedside role within oncology outpatients at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

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Lily Wong

Clinical Research Associate - Kids Oncology and Leukaemia Trials (KOALA), Sydney Childrens Hospital

Lily Wong (BEng, BCom, MPH) is a Clinical Research Associate at Kids Oncology and Leukaemia Trials (KOALA), Sydney Childrens Hospital, and is responsible for the national coordination of investigator-initiated and collaborative group trials.

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Susan Heatley

Postdoctoral Fellow - South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute

Dr Sue Heatley gained her PhD in Transplant Immunology from the University of Melbourne. She was awarded a New Investigator Scholarship by the Haematology Society of Australia & New Zealand (HSANZ) to undertake a visiting fellow position in the laboratory of Prof Charles Mullighan at the St Judes Childrens Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA. In 2013, Sue began her current position at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute as a Research Fellow in the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Research group of Prof Deb White in the Cancer Program and is the current Kids Cancer Project Postdoctoral Fellow. Her current research interests are focussed on the genomic landscape of ALL and improving patient outcome through personalised medicine.

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Sophie Jessop

Oncology Fellow - Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide

Sophie is a fellow at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. She received her FRACP in Paediatric Oncology in May 2021. Her research interests include leukaemia presentation patterns amongst different ethnicities and areas of remoteness, Langerhans cell histiocytosis and NUDT15 polymorphisms in children with ALL. She also has interests in palliative care (MD), solid tumours and late effects/long term follow up.

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Toby Trahair

Sydney Children's Hospital

Toby Trahair was appointed to the Kids Cancer Centre as a staff specialist in children’s haematology and oncology in 2006. The major focus of his research is on clinical trials and translational research. Clinical trials related research includes: being the Australian and New Zealand coordinating investigator of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology- Europe Neuroblastoma (SIOPEN) neuroblastoma clinical trials; (ii) trial study committees of the Australian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group AYA ALL6 & 9 clinical trials; (iii) a member of the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia committee of the international BFM study group a leukaemia and lymphoma trials consortium and (iv) a member of the Advisory board of the Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Association. Current translational research projects conducted in conjunction with the Children’s Cancer Institute include (i) finding new treatments for ALK+ve inflammatory myofibroblastic tumours; (ii) the establishment of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models for high risk neuroblastoma, (iii) the ERASE and (Evaluation of risk of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia treatment-related side-effects) ASSET (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Subtype and Side-Effects from Treatment) studies and (iv) the Zero Childhood Cancer Personalised Medicine Program, Kids Cancer Centre & Children’s Cancer Institute.

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Iman Azimi

Lecturer And Group Head - School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, College of Health and Medicine, University of Tasmania

Dr Azimi is a cancer cell biologist with extensive experience in drug discovery and development. He is currently a lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Tasmania. He conducts research on brain cancer, brain metastasis, and breast cancer. His research spans from the laboratory to the clinic to improve our understanding of cancer biology and to identify putative therapeutics for cancer treatment. He has expertise in cancer hypoxia, calcium signalling, epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity, and high-throughput drug screening.

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Vinod Vijay Subhash

Children's Cancer Institute

Dr. Vinod Subhash is a post-doctoral researcher at the Children’s Cancer Institute, Australia. His work focuses on the identification and pre-clinical validation of predictive and prognostic biomarkers. A major interest lies in developing DNA-based minimal residual disease (MRD) assays for pediatric cancers.

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Claire Wakefield

UNSW Sydney

Claire Wakefield is a Professor at the School of Women’s and Children’s Health at UNSW Sydney. She is also Director of the Behavioural Sciences Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospital and Co-Director of the Kids to Adults Chronic Illness Alliance, which is a major network of child health experts across Australia.
Claire is particularly passionate about working at a global level. She holds multiple international leadership roles, including being Continental President Elect for Oceania for the International Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP). She also works closely with the World Health Organisation, supporting the Global Childhood Cancer Initiative.

Claire has received numerous awards for her work, including being named as the NSW Premier’s Outstanding Cancer Research Fellow of the Year.

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Stacie Wang

Royal Children's Hospital

Stacie Wang is a paediatric oncologist at RCH, Melbourne and completing a PhD in Immunotherapy at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

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Emma Wardlaw

Royal Children's Hospital

I’ve worked in Paediatric Oncology at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) for the past 5 years. Since working at RCH, I have completed a post graduate certificate in Cancer and Palliative Cate and Masters of Advanced Nursing Practice with University of Melbourne. I have worked in a variety of roles throughout my time at RCH most recently Clinical Support Nurse and Associate Nurse Unit Manger.

I throughly enjoy educating and empowering paediatric oncology nurses to deliver quality family centred care to patients and their families in such difficult times in their lives.

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Christine White

Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Christine works with A/Prof. Elizabeth Algar in the Genetics and Molecular Pathology Laboratory at the Hudson Institute establishing a diagnostic platform for molecular profiling of childhood brain tumours. She has previously completed a variety of projects studying different aspects of interferon signalling in development and cancer with Profs. Bryan Williams and Ganes Sen in Cleveland, OH, USA and with Dr. Daniel Gough at the Hudson Institute. She completed her PhD studying innate immune signalling at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research following undergraduate studies at the Australian National University.

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Daniel Yeoh

Perth Children's Hospital

Daniel is an paediatric infectious diseases physician and PhD student. His research interests include infection in immunocompromised children, invasive fungal infections and host-pathogen interactions.

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David Ziegler

Sydney Children's Hospital

A/Prof David Ziegler trained as a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Medical School, and is now a paediatric oncologist at the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. He treats children with all types of cancer and is Head of the brain tumour program and the clinical trials program. He is the Group Leader of Brain Tumour Group at the Children’s Cancer Institute, Australia, focusing on development of novel targeted therapies for childhood brain cancers. He leads the national childhood cancer personalised medicine trial.

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Cinzia De Luca

Clinical Neuropsychologist - Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Cinzia is a senior clinical neuropsychologist in the psycho-oncology program, Children’s Cancer Centre at the RCH. She is also a research fellow with the Murdoch children’s Research institute. Cinzia coordinates the clinical neuropsychology program for the CCC, and oversees the neurocognitive arms of several clinical trials.

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Jenny Davies

Phd Researcher - Curtin

Jenny Davies is enrolled in a PhD at Curtin University. Her thesis title is: ‘Multiple perspectives of people living and working with a child with cancer: A qualitative analysis using an ecological framework’. This research aims to explore families’ and healthcare professionals’ experiences of caring for a child with a cancer diagnosis to develop evidence-based interventions to improve psychosocial outcomes.

Jenny completed her honours thesis on ‘Mothers’ Experiences of Life after their Child had Completed Cancer Treatment’, which received first class Honours. A manuscript is currently under review. Jenny worked in health care management for 15 years within tertiary and primary settings, focusing on service delivery improvements. Jenny has lived experience as a mother of a childhood cancer survivor.

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Dong-Anh Khuong-Quang

Oncologist - Children's Cancer Centre, Royal Children's Hospital

Dr Dong-Anh Khuong-Quang is a molecular oncologist in the Zero Childhood Cancer program and a paediatric oncologist in the Childrens Cancer Centre at the Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne. Dr Khuong-Quang obtained her medical degree with a specialisation in Paediatrics from the University Paris-Descartes 5 in France, and completed her training in paediatric oncology at the Royal Childrens Hospital. She also received her PhD in Human Genetics from McGill University in Canada, where she worked on molecular characterisation of paediatric high grade gliomas in the laboratory of Prof. Nada Jabado. She joined the Zero team in 2017 to provide clinical and translational expertise to PRISM study.

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Farjana Afrin

Phd Student - University Of Newcastle

Farjana Afrin is a PhD student of Cancer Signalling Research Group at School of Biomedical Sciences & Pharmacy, University of Newcastle, Australia. She received the B.Sc and M.Sc in Pharmacy from Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh. She is a member of the Hunter Cancer Research Alliance (HCRA) since 2019.

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Kyle Buchtmann

Medical Science Liaison-ANZ - Link Healthcare
Kyle is a registered pharmacist having worked in community pharmacy and as a hospital pharmacist in a Sydney hospital before joining Link in 2018. Commenced as a haematology Medical Science Liaison 2 years ago.
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Susan Heatley

Postdoctoral Fellow - South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute

Dr Sue Heatley gained her PhD in Transplant Immunology from the University of Melbourne. She was awarded a New Investigator Scholarship by the Haematology Society of Australia & New Zealand (HSANZ) to undertake a visiting fellow position in the laboratory of Prof Charles Mullighan at the St Judes Childrens Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA. In 2013, Sue began her current position at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute as a Research Fellow in the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Research group of Prof Deb White in the Cancer Program and is the current Kids Cancer Project Postdoctoral Fellow. Her current research interests are focussed on the genomic landscape of ALL and improving patient outcome through personalised medicine.

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Lucy Cain

Fellow - The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Dr Lucy Cain is a paediatric oncology trainee currently working as the Transplant and Cellular Therapy Fellow at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

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Laura Chapman

BMT CNC - Sydney Children's Hospital

Laura is the BMT Coordinator at the Transplant & Cellular Therapies Program in Sydney Childrens Hospital, Randwick. She is passionate about quality improvement and safety of recipients and donors. She has a particular interest in the human leukocyte antigen and its implications in donor selection.

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Michaela Comito

Dietitian - Royal Children's Hospital

Michaela Comito is a clinical paediatric dietitian at the Royal Children’s Hospital, with a keen interest in optimising the nutritional status of children undergoing cancer treatment.

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Kristie Day

Paediatric Oncology Pharmacist - John Hunter Childrens Hospital

Kristie Day is a Paediatric Oncology pharmacist at John Hunter Hospital. Trained at the University of Newcastle, she has worked at John Hunter for 10 years- primarily in the area of paediatric oncology and haematology. She is very patient focussed and has been involved in the procurement of targeted therapies.

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Yonatan Diamond

Fellow - Royal Children's Hospital, Vic

Paediatric oncology fellow at the Royal Childrens Hospital Victoria.

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Charlotte Downes

PhD Candidate - South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (sahmri)

Charlotte is a final year PhD Candidate in the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Research Group at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Her research investigates therapeutic approaches and mechanisms of drug resistance in the setting of high-risk subtypes of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia involving Janus kinase 2 alterations.

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Rebecca Doyle

Nurse Researcher - Children's Health Queensland

Rebecca Doyle is a Nurse Researcher with the Queensland Specialist Immunisation Service at CHQ, an Adjunct Research Fellow at Griffith University, and a current member of the CHQ Human Research Ethics Committee. She has a background in Paediatric Intensive Care nursing and and has been working in paediatric research for the past 7 years in various roles with UQ, QUT and CHQ. Rebecca’s research interests include infectious diseases, vaccine preventable diseases and ethical aspects of research in children. Rebecca has recently submitted her thesis as part of a Master of Medical Research with Griffith Uni. Her research project investigated whether the prohibition of deferred consent in clinical trials in critical care contributes to research bias.

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Kristyn Ford

Paediatric Dietitian - The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Kristyn is a senior paediatric dietitian currently working at The Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne. She has over 16 years experience as a clinical paediatric dietitian and has worked in oncology as a clinical lead dietitian, specialising in the areas of solid and brain tumours, for the past 8 years. She has a keen interest in the impact of nutrition support in paediatric patients with solid and brain tumours and the effect of aggressive cancer treatments on their nutritional status.

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Michelle Forgione

Phd Student - Sahmri

Michelle Forgione is a PhD candidate in Prof Deborah White’s Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) research lab at SAHMRI. Her interests include KMT2A and MLLT10-rearranged leukaemia, and her research focuses on establishing precision medicine approaches to improve outcomes for patients with ALL.

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Ruth Gauden

Paediatric Fellow - Royal Hobart Hospital

Dr Ruth Gauden is a Paediatric Rehabilitation Fellow at the Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne. She was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in General Paediatrics in 2020 and has acquired clinical experience from a diverse range of tertiary and regional centres across Australia. Dr Gauden was the recipient of the Menzies Research Institute Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Scholarship. She is a published author with her research presented at national and international scientific conferences. Her research focuses on oncological treatment late effects and patient education to better support patients and their families.

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Andrew Grant

Cne - Kids Cancer Centre: Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

Andrew has been nursing at the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Childrens Hospital since 2010 and has been the Clinical Nurse Educator on the unit since 2016. He completed a Masters of Nursing with a clinical and teaching specialisation in 2017. Andrew has worked across various roles in education, innovation and research. He has previously presented posters at the ANZCHOG ASM (2017) and a speaker presentation at Australasian Nurses Education Conference (2017). Andrew has a publication in the journal Clinical Transplantation reviewing literature around Engraftment Syndrome following HSCT. Andrew is passionate about improving the hospital journey and health outcomes for hospitalised children and believes this can be achieved through utilising a quality, integrated with research, to guide clinical practice.